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About Stéphane Brügger :

Stéphane Brügger, an architectural photographer located in Montreal, has earned a solid reputation in his field. For the last ten years he has provided his clientele with an exceptional service. Those clients are confident that their projects were shown in their best light.

His creativity, his mastery of light and his overall expertise lead to dynamic and harmonious compositions which enliven the architectural subjects he portrays.

Stéphane enjoys working closely with his clients in order to meet their specific needs and visions.


Clients (partial list) :

Provencher Roy Associés Architectes
MSDL Architectes
Sid Lee Architecture
Héloïse Thibodeau Architecte
Architecture 49
Huma design
Smith Vigeant Architectes
Rubin & Rotman associés
BGLA Architecture
Thibodeau Architecture + Design
BBBL Architectes
For Design Planning
Inside Studio
Imperatori Design
Diamond Schmitt Architects
Simard Architecture
Société Canadienne d’Hypothèque et de Logement (SCHL/CMHC)
Oxford Properties
SNC Lavalin
Groupe Montoni
Cardin Ramirez Julien Architectes
Maxime Brault Architecte
Le Groupe BC2
Optima Design
Normand Auclair Design
Développement McGill
Société de Développement Angus
Banque Laurentienne
Davids Tea